When asked to take engagement pictures for my friends Dee and James, I was ecstatic. Sure thing guys. I’ve been doing Pathfinder [a popular pen and paper roleplaying game] with them for years and you can really see their playfulness really shine though in the pictures.  Dee has a great witty and sarcastic sense of humor and gives my sarcasm a run for it’s money. James has this great dry humor so the two of them pair together perfectly.

I met up with them in Hemisphere Park and we got some great pictures around the fountains and walkways. James played along and humored my chiropractic advice as he lifted Dee for a good minute as Dee flailed around for various poses and I took some sequenced shots. This session let me really see how you guys will get through life – no matter the trouble or hardships you two still manage to smile at everything at the end of the day. Congratulations again Dee and James!